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NoMoSurf (10/21/2007)
The Blue Hoo (10/21/2007)
NoMoSurf (10/21/2007) And every one looked like it was going to be a IFGA world record contnder!
so a bunch of yall's snapper went 35+ pounds?
No I meant that he was making quite a show out of every fish that he caught. We spent the rest of the day calling him "showboat". No 35+ pounders. All keepers were minimum legal to 2-3 inches more. Anyway it made the trip worth coming down.

Brandon said he may try to schedule another trip, but I just dont think I will be able to afford it. I'm gonna try though. I really want to catch a hoo, or something fast enough to make a reel SCREAM!

No 35 lbers. "Showboat" just made each one look like a horse on the way up. Kinda became a joke by the end of the halfday we converted the trip into. Glad you enjoyed snapper fishing but I wish I could have showed you something real special. Hey blue, I got a couple of other reports where some STUD wahoo are "no snakes" 50+ fish steady!!! Dont know how long they will be there though and crapy sea conditions for as long as I can see?
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