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yellowfin tuna

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would someone share how far the run is to tuna fishing areas from Pensacola and/or Orange Beach. thanks, islanddog
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Nipple ~= 35-40 miles -- small chance but a chance of catching one

Floaters (Deep Rigs, 1000+ft)~= 80-100 miles --area where most tuna are caught

Rigs on the shelf ~=60-80 miles -- areas where some tuna are caught
there's no tuna to the east (nipple) right now...they're at the rigs and off venice. lump should start to pick up very soon
Hey Blue Hoo,

Did you ski on the Auburn ski team? I was on the team in the mid 80s.

I guess that shows my age.

nah we dont affiliate with the auburn ski team whatsoever. they are a complete different team. the university likes them better than us haha
I notice that the wakeboard pic is on the Alabama River in Montgomery, just south of the I-65 bridge. I fish that area a fair amount. No tuna there right now. Or any other time. But man I wish they were. It would save me TONS of money on offshore trips.
that's a very good observation there nomosurf. we move the boat there during the winter because the lake is usually so far down...and seeing as how we're never gonna have water in the lake ever again, you'll probably see a good bit of me. make sure to throw me the bird every now and then so i can come hose youdown like in the picture, lol. oh and i spotted some yellerfins up around that old railroad track that crosses over the river a few minutes down from where this picture was taken. bustin up around the pilings on some shad

you from the gump?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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