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Hello everyone. Fishing season has officially began. We caught these beasts out of the Yellow River this past Sunday. The biggest one was 3.2 and the smaller one was 2.3. In all, we landed 15 bass, 13 were keepers. We missed about 20 estimated short strikes or us just being stupid with the hook sets. The water was normal, clear, and warm. Water temps were in the mid 60s, with some of the backwaters 70 degrees late in the day. The bass were agressive and active. We watched a couple of 4-6 pounders take our lures only to swing and miss, but it was fun after going through this miserable winter. On a side note, the bigger bass was probaly the fattest we caught all day. Don't know if she had eggs or if she was gorging, but she was fat. Good luck to everyone that ventures out. Going back this weekend to rack up some more. All fish were released in the area they were caught.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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