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Took the boat out today to give it a good run.(fun) Had a good run until one of the motors sounded just a little different. By the time I could chop the throttle it was knocking away. Got it shut down(and that's right when the warning horn went off)and limped back in on one motor. Got home, popped the engine cowling off and noticed some metal shavings lying around. After further inspection, noticed that I now had a new cooling hole in my block where I chunked a connecting rod. (not fun)

Took a look at the engine mounted oil tank and it was remote tank still had plenty of oil in it...wasn't surprised at that. Haven't had a chance to get out there and check anything else out to see if it was oil pump or an electrical problem.

my question.....easier to rebuild or better to replace? If so, who or where do you guys recommend? And this is the first two stroke that I have not done premix on....does anyone recommend getting rid of the pumps and doing premix? THe boat is a 31 foot center console, 200 plus fuel capacity. By the way, the motors are carbed Yamaha 225 two strokes. Great motors right up until today.

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