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Xp and BT in the Delta---What a day---11/30/12

by Bass Tracker 66 » Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:29 pm
Ever so often--maybe two/three times a year-- we have a day like today
. Good fishing partner
--the weather was almost perfect-
-no noseeums
--no wind and the water had good movement--the results were Fish.
Good Quality fish on a steady bite.
We caught +/- 30 Specks and left them biting.
We had 20 when we left the fishing spot but only 17 when we got to the parking lot
. I know we can count so the only thing that could have happened is that three swam out the Live Well drain hole
. Strange things happen sometime.
Our biggest fish was +/- 21 inches--a nice one. All of our fish were caught at the mouth of Crab Creek--more/less--and we fished with +/- 21 other boats in a very small stretch of river and only one jerk that didnt know to go to the other side of the river to go back up to start his drift back down.
A good day.

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