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<DIV class=title style="TEXT-ALIGN: center"><H1>comes with two controllers , head set ... 3 games the games are ncaa10 football saints row and call of duty modern warfare II email me at </H1><H1>mullet [email protected] asking $270 make me an offer</H1><H1></H1><H1>XBOX 360 Premium Pro Edition 60 GB Console System HDmi</H1></DIV><DIV class=description><H2 style="COLOR: #cc0000">Description</H2><P style="TEXT-INDENT: 2em">

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world rich with dazzling graphics, thrilling sound and convenient connectivity. The Xbox 360 Pro Console System packs the power to help you experience entertainment in a new way. Its incredible combination of hardware, software and services delivers more than just an astounding gaming experience. Save music, photos and more to the system's 60GB hard drive. Enjoy the full impact of progressive-scan DVDs on your high-definition television. Go online to connect with other gamers and download exciting content. Access games, movies, music and more with the press of a button. With its advanced technology and array of functions, Xbox 360 Pro will become the hub of your complete entertainment center.

Xbox 360 Pro was designed for powerful, stunningly realistic gaming and it delivers. Watch as games come to life in glorious 720p or 1080i high-definition resolution or 480p standard definition on your compatible television. Lose yourself in the worlds of your favorite games with gorgeous graphics displayed in 16:9 widescreen, antialiasing technology that delivers a smooth, movie-like presentation and powerful multichannel surround sound capabilities. Experience new dimensions in gaming with Xbox LIVE connect Xbox 360 Pro to your broadband connection, attach a hard drive or memory unit and gain instant access to Xbox LIVE Silver, where you can play online with gamers from all over the world. Xbox 360 Pro's simple controls will put you in command of your multitude of entertainment options in no time. The Xbox Gamer Guide connects you instantly to games, movies, music and downloadable content, while the convenient Xbox Guide button lets you bring up the Xbox Gamer Guide and Xbox System Guide with a mere touch without relinquishing the comfort of your couch.

Product Features

Next-generation gaming
Delivers powerful high-definition graphics and multichannel digital sound to create a stunning entertainment experience.
Custom 500MHz ATI graphics processor
Renders images with incredible depth and clarity.
Custom symmetrical triple-core CPU
Combines with 512MB unified memory to ensure powerful, lightning-fast operation.
60GB hard drive
Offers ample room to store music, photos, game saves and more.
Xbox 360 game format
Supports 720p and 1080i high-definition resolution and 480p standard-definition resolution to take best advantage of your television's capabilities.
Lets you connect with other gamers online, download new content in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, engage in voice chat, create a unique digital identity and more.
Xbox Guide button
Provides instant access to the Xbox Gamer Guide and Xbox System Guide, and lets you turn the system on and off easily.
Family settings
Allow you to regulate your children's online and offline game experiences.
HDMI output
Lets you experience games in up to full 1080p high resolution for incredible clarity and detail (HDMI cable not included).

The system will be picked randomly between used and refurbished systems. The systems will be cleaned and extensively tested to ensure that you will receive a perfect unit. Bid with confidence as the system is backed with a FULL 30 day warranty.</DIV><DIV class=contents><H2 style="COLOR: #cc0000">Contents</H2><UL><LI>XBOX 360 Premium System (HDMI) <LI>60 GB Hard Drive <LI>White Wireless Controller <LI>Power Brick and Cable <LI>HDAV Cable <LI>Wired Headset <LI>Ethernet Cable <LI>Manuals <LI>Original Box </LI>[/list]</DIV>
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