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WTB Weatherby Mrk V stock

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Looking for a good Weatherby Mark V Magnum ( 9 lug) stock . . In the middle of a rebarrel project and just realized the new barrel is going to be way to fat for the barrel channel in the stock. Yes I can open it up. however it's composite and don't really want to fool with it. If any one upgraded theirs Even if you have an old shot out mark V laying around with a good stock or refinish able.. thanks for the help guys!!
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You are going to have to know which barrel contour you have before you can get a stock to fit it. Right now, you haven't mentioned the caliber. Weatherby has barrel contours number #1 thru #4. Outside diameter of each is different.

When you say 9 lug stock, what are you referring to?

If you are talking about a 9 lug, locking action, I'm not sure what that has to do with the stock.
It's a custom contour , I say that because I bought it used and i'm pretty sure it is not in the 1-4 category , pretty darn close to a #3 I would say. I don't have it here to measure the chamber to barrel couture. Mark v came in two different configurations 6 lug bolt they used for non magnum chambering (30-06, .270, .338-06, .243) then a 9 lug version for all of there magnums and other belted mags. ( .300 win mag , anything that has Weatherby in the name). Not I have never measured a 6 lug , but when looking at the stock web sites it always has a different part number for a 6 lug vs 9. they very well could be the same size. IT sounds like you have some experience with this sort of thing. So any insight would be greatly appreciated.
You're gonna have a hard time finding a stock if you don't know what contour you are going to. I've opened up tons of stocks to accept a heavier barrel and if you are only going a size or 2 up its a lot easier to open the original stock. Chances are with an aftermarket barrel you will have to do so regardless. A deep well socket and sand paper makes easy work of it. Only a 2-3 beer job. And you don't measure the contour by the chamber it's on the outside profile of the barrel. Go to the barrel manufactures website and they will have a contour list there. How did you are a barrel if you don't know what contour it is? Did you relay on your smith to tell you what you wanted?
I guess the easy way of explaining this is ....I got a mark v for a song, the 7mm wb mag barrel attached to it was badly pitted...I found a used 300.wm barrel and got it for half a song. smith is making the two work . I didnt check the couture with the websites. I know it a much heaver barrel.. what I wanted cause I shoot 1-2 hundred rounds a month. the Stock that came with the gun is a crappy plastic stock , not a nice fiberglass or wood. I can make it work . I would rather find a wood stock and make it work. I was attempting to "fish" for a stock. knowing that most of them will be #1,or#2 and I can open them up.
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