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WTB tilt and trim

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Hey there PFFer's,

I'm in the need for a tilt and trim for my 1973 40hp johnson. The motor runs damn good to be 35 years old and has been very reliable, but, I need to be able to lift it up w/o the physical strain (doctors orders). I'm not looking for anything fancy, just simple, reliable, and not to expensive. Drop me aline if you have anything that might work out or have any info as to where I may find one. Who knows it may lead to you getting a mess of Bluegill.

Here's a pic of where I want to put it.

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I have one that may work for you.It was made for the little bit newer 40 and 50's but you may be able to adapt it. :usaflag
418-1097 josh

he'll probaly have something your looking for
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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