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Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone has a small pier cart for sale. I have a civic si so it is a small car but with the large trunk and seats down I can cram a pier cart in :). Some of the smaller ones. I have a penn 4300ss 2nd gen spinfisher on an ugly stick that I reeled up last time I was fishing. I took apart cleaned and lubed the reel. To my surprise there was little to no corrosion and what was there I cleaned off with wire brush. All penn lube and oil used considering thats all I fish with. I have no need for a reel that small. Anyway it's just offered up as a partial trade plus cash if any interest.

Also if no takers or no one has one for sale. Can anyone point me on the best spot to buy new at a decent price?

Oh I will take offers on the rod and reel combo and can get pictures of outside and inside if someone is interested but the thing looks almost flawless on the outside some rub on the handle but no corrosion. Anyway I was thinkin 65ish.

2513672722 call/text or email @
[email protected]


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