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wtb old jeep cj7 or wrangler

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I am looking for an old jeep cj7 or wrangler running or not for a woods truck.let me know what u got and how much u want
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I've got a CJ-5 for sale if you or anyone else is interested!! Check it out:

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sailfish23 (2/16/2010)
SUNDAY-FUNDAY (2/16/2010)
TUBBLAWNS (2/12/2010)$6500.00 pretty firm! Thanks.

pm me some more info on that cj-5 if you don't mind. or do u have it listed somehwere else with all the specifics?
he had it in this for sale section awile ago...just search for jeep cj-5
yeah, just search my posts and you will find a full description, and if you have any questions, pm me. thanks.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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