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WTB old FJ 40

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My dad used to own one and is looking for another (not the new imbaresing ones)OLDFJ-40 land cruiser,its been hard to find one please PM me if you know anyone who is selling one Thanks

p.s.the land cruiser add below is something im still interested in
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3 months too late. I went and looked at one a guy had forsale 3 months ago. He ony wanted $1000 for it. it was a 73' it needed a lot of work tho. Everything leaked, 3 speed tranny. There was another one I went to look at that the girl wanted $3000 for it. 74' w/ 4 speed tranny. Went to look at it and we liked it and decided to buy it and when we called her back she set up a time to meet her, then never showed. Didnt answer the phone for 3 days. When we finaly got ahold of her she said her boyfriend talked her into keeping it. Just keep your eye out. They are out there. Ebay usualy has a bunch of them on there. Sweet little trucks.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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