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Am looking to purchase an offshore boat . . . please, please, please don't be offended but, in order to avoid unwanted responses, I have a good idea of what I would like. I CLEARLY understand people have different tastes and requirements for boats, power, electronics, models, etc. . . . this is not meant to offend . . . I prefer the following - -

Ocean Master - 27 or 31
Grady White - at least a 283 or larger
Pursuit - 2870 or larger
Regulator - 26 FS or larger

Yamaha 4 stroke - hopefully without more than 1200 hours
Suzuki 4 stroke - hopefully without more than 1200 hours

Center Console with full transom only
Cuddy Cabin with full transom only

Trailer is required (but I might purchase separately, if necessary).

I can work around electronics as I would install what I want, anyway. I would hope anything I purchased at least had some of the basics so I wouldn't have to immediately start building a new electronics suite.

Age of the boat doesn't matter. Condition of boat matters greatly.

I would assume some of the standard features like trim tabs, a VHF, potty of some kind, etc. exist on the boat.

My budget is limited. At the very, very highest I can only go to $50k (which would include all my taxes and registrations). I know that might not seem like a lot of money considering my tastes but for a teacher, this might as well be a million. I'm not afraid of cosmetic issues and I am a fairly decent mechanic and fiberglass man. I don't want a boat that needs a ton of work but, I'm also not afraid of one that could be turned around with a little 'sweat equity' and nominal mechanical issues. If there is anyone out there that has one of these boats who might be thinking of selling and doesn't want the hassle of going through a dealer or posting on a site to only respond to hundreds of inquiries, I have cash in hand. I am extremely honest and direct - as you can tell.

For the past 3 months, I have religiously reviewed this site, the hull truth, boat trader,, yacht central, and many of the other traditional venues you might think to look. Unfortunately, there are lots of boats out there just out of my price range and rather than waste anyone's time by responding to an advertisement and begging and/or offending anyone by finding out if they would consider selling in my price range, I opted to send this note to see if anyone selling might be tired of no action, lots of responses to individuals who don't have the funding, prospects who beat you up on every little thing, or is just tired of dealing with it might be considering any offers.

I appreciate your patience by reading such a long epistle.
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