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WTB medium to large dog crate

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We have two dogs, one crate. They argue over who will get to sleep in the crate. Let me know what you got. PM or email.

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Dont know if the wife would let me sell it.. But its been in the shed for the past few months.. We have an Large or an X-Large Dog Crate.. Bought it from wally world for like 100bucks I think...We kept a Golden Retriever (sp) in it... and now she' does use it anymore.... I'll ask her tomorrow if we still need it..while I'm at it.. Drop me a price.
Let me know if you still need a dog crate. I have one in the shed that hasnt been used in a couple of years. Dont know about a price, it came with the dog. Willconsider anything reasonable.
Have one for med/large dog...galvanized w/ floor. Sending pm
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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