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WTB Generator

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We live in the Tampa Bayarea.

I am looking for a 5,500 watt, electric start, 110 / 220 volt used generator, like new condition.

Will travel within 100 miles if price is "right".

Would muchprefer low db level for home use.
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wld1985 (11/10/2007)Uhh what??? Last time, you did'nt live in Tampa Bay area.. what up with that?
Bill...Get with the program....Read the small print under the WTB Generator...My Dad is looking for one, and we have members/lurkers in that area. ME? I still live in Calera...
bigblue98 (11/10/2007)Theres a new one on craigslist right now for 200.
Thanks, I'll look. Didn't think about there.

Looked at Craigs List in the Tampa area and there are numerous listings. At good prices I might add. Thanks for the reminder about Craig.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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