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WTB Electric Stove / Oven

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In good working order. Free standing unit. IE: Not built in.

455-0415 or [email protected]
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How much you looking to pay?? Any color? I"m asking because I know of a supplier that sells em for cheap usually..
$75 - $80. It's not for me, but for a friend in need. So color I don't really care about. I thought I'd surprise them with a early Christmas present.
we posted 1 earlier that we were selling here is a link

to the picture of it

how about 50 dollars.

let me know if this will work for u or not

thanks, dave
Ya, Sorry these would'nt work then.... There new but either Displays or have a few scratches on them... You just missed mine I had a good one for 50bucks.. But it sold..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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