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WTB: Dodge Motor

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I am looking for a reasonably priced and good running 318 or 360 carburated.
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I've gotta buddy looking fer a tranny fer a 318/360 so if you find a combo that someone won't part, let me know and I'll talk to him....:letsdrink
I have a 1988 dodge ram charger that I use for a farm truck it has a strong 360 in it but the torque converter is bad if you are intrested shoot me pm
does anyone have a good dodge motor!?!?!?!?
iv got a powerwagon with a 318 grany 4 speed runes good 500 fer it all moter trany and T case is all good the cab is rusted bad but the rest is good
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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