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Trying to help out my Son-In-Law to be. He lives in S. Florida and searching for a center console in the 18' to 20' range. The closer to 20' the better or even a tad larger will work, even close to shore down there it can get nasty in a hurry. He fishes the ocean so no bay boats will work. He needs a true deep v center console. His funds are limited as he's started a business just over a year ago and doing well and doesn't want to go into debt and can't say as I blame him. He's got around $6k cash or a tad more to work with and granted that limits things a bit but on the plus side, for the right boat and seller it could work out nicely for both parties.

Just respond with detailed info and photos. The more the better.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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