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WTB acoustic Guitar

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My Niece is wanting a acoustic Guitar for her birthday...Sadly she is the daughter of the family that lost the 2yr old in the pool a month back and her birthday didnt go so hot, as the family wasnt really up for celebrating as you can if anyone has one let me know and what you would take for it....this is the only thing Emily asked for and I would love to be able to give it to her.

Thanks guys

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How old is she and will someone be teaching her to play?
im sorry to hear about that 2yr old, its important to know how old she is for the size of the guitar and all of that, what i would do is go over to tringas guitar center there are some really great folks over there who really know their stuff they could tell you what kind she would need to start out on they sale guitars in all price ranges as well as some used ones and if she wants lessons they give great lessons<TABLE cellSpacing=5 cellPadding=5 width=500 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top align=middle width=500 colSpan=2>

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this is a dean performer E its around 250 and it has a built in tuner its made out spruce mahogany and rosewood i would strogly recommend this guitar, this is one she could learn on and become skilled on this is a professional guitar without the professional price

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this the performer archtop its around 150 if your not wanting to pay 250

those are just my recommendations these guitars give you the most bang for your buck i hope this helps Garett
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If she is small and has small hands I would reccommend a Martin Backpacker or a Baby Taylor. You may pay a little more for these guitars but you get quality and low action which is very important for a beginner. No matter what youbuy, have it "set up" by a guitar technician to lower the guitars action so it will be easier for her to fret the strings.I highly reccommend Tony at what was formerly Harris Music (Play Hard now) not sure if he is still there but that guy does amazing set ups.Also purchase light or extra light strings until herfingers callous.
Thanks for the good info ...she is 14 and yes she has a teacher
/\ ..all good advice so far. I purchased a Baby Taylor for my son, who was 5 at the time (now 7). Its a 3/4 size guitar, but made with some high-end features. It is easier to finger chords on this than most acoustics in the "under $500" range & it sounds great. Having played for over 20 yrs, I find myself picking this guitar often. Search eBay for a deal on one.

At a ¾-scale, the Baby Taylor is the little Dreadnought that could. Taylor?s ultra-portable travel mate belies its size with a sweet, full voice and great tone. It?s remarkably versatile for special applications, whether played in alternate tunings or high-strung; with a capo or a slide. And it?s the perfect starter guitar for young kids.
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Hi Pomp.... Under those circumstances how about a FREE "Esteban" guitar that I bought as a gift a couple of years ago and for a number of reasons it never got delivered. I don't think it has been used for over 30 minutes... It might need new strings after sitting, but last time I looked at it, it was spotless. Please advise. Tom brewer
for a young lady that wants to bend the strings, boatjob, great offer you put out. if that guitar is too big for her, check with blue angel music, ask for jim...he'll hook ya up nicely. i've been playing about 30 years, and some of those "jonson's" feel pretty nice...but you'd want her to check it out. i played with probly 15 of them before i found the one i liked...i switched to alverez, les paul, and dillion since then. just something to throw around.
Pomp, LIL Fisherman is right on the money on his suggestion. I put the offer out there and it still stands but please consider this. If the young lady gets an instrument that is uncomfortable to her, it is going to be discouraging, and she will lose interest. She should be fitted with something that is easy to use for her size. She will be more prone to stick with it, and who knows, maybe we'll be listening to her at the Flora-Bame in 6 or 7 years talking about this post.... T
Morning Ya'll,

It is nice to see people doing the "right" thing. I've been abit down, and people can talk to me all they want, but to see people actually helping others.... well that made my Thanksgiving. Thanks folks.

Happy Holidays to you Brett. If you're ever on the West Side, swing by my office and check out all of the Antique fishing stuff I have set up. Actually that invite is open to whomever wants to swing by. Back to the original Post, hope the guitar thing works out whatever they deside. Take care all. T
i learned how to play on an Esteban and its a great starter guitar the only thing about them is you would need to get the strings closer to the fret board(action) fixed , if yours was like mine there is a huge gap, its easily fixed though anyhow good luck Garett
I've had a few guitars, but never did much with them. I got a cheap electric in HS and tried to learn but gave it up, to hard. After getting bummed I played a friends guitar which was a little more expensive. Man, it was night and day difference. I guess what I'm trying to say is a cheap guitar is cheap and hard to play. Make sure you get a good quality guitar which sounds like you are.

I was also going to suggest getting a good teacher that is age appropiate. Sounds like that might be covered. I put my boy in piano lessons last year and it didn't last long. He was border line to young, but the main issue in my opinion was the teacher didn't know how to teach his age.

Also, don't forget accersories, tuner, case, etc.

And honestly, if you can afford to do this, don't buy her a guitar. Take her to the store and let her pick out what she wants. As said, fit is important. Theres a lot of fun going to the store and trying everything out and picking one for yourself. Go before hand and pick out a good salesperson that will spend some time with her. You can learn alot from a guitar sales person. Sounds like she could use a "me" day as much as a new guitar.
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If you take her to pick out the guitar herself, Gary at Guitar Center is a great guy who will get her into the right guitar and not just try and sell you something. And I cannot emphasize enough what others have said... spend a little on the guitar and she will stick with it. You REALLY get what you pay for in guitars, and cheap guitars are just hard to play, period.
FenderBender (11/21/2007) You REALLY get what you pay for in guitars, and cheap guitars are just hard to play, period.
everything said in this post has been right on the money! except one thing i gotta comment on. try the jonson's guitars out sometime, not just one...try quite a few out. for the money (80-140 new)...they impress me alot, some of them...hell man, give the word and we'll go "shop jammin". but most of the time, your on the money when you say cheaper is harder...are there any guitar clubs or jam sessions in p-cola? for country and blues? sorry to derail, good luck with finding her a guit-fiddle.
I think theres a group that gets together at the Silver Moon (across for the Bama) on Tuesday nights and jamzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... At least they were a couple of months ago when we were getting ready for the Pirates Fishing Tournament.....
a guit-fiddle.

I knew a guy who called guitars guit-fiddles, never heard anyone else say that. --struck me as odd.

Maybe this thread got me excited about a new guitar - tonight I bought 3, and all with the wife's permission (unbelievable!)
BUCK! pm me yer number!!! The one i have stored in myphone aint no good, and I tried callin you back when you left me that pretty important soundin message bout 2 weeks agfo!
hiya lyin dog...i'm one of those backwood players that try not to get his fingers stuck in the strings, clay can vouch for that one. lets all hook up and do a little rockin-country-blues jam sometime, i'm all for it. clay, check your pm's bro.
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