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WTB 350 block or possible complete engine

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My dad is looking for a 350 block to fix the motor on his boat.

He may be interested in a whole motor if someone has one.

Thanks, Ken

it's for an 81 Searay with a 260hp Mercruiser Chevy 350 engine
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let me see how my boat sells on ebay. I have a new 350 for it in my garage. If the boat doesnt sell with it I will sell the motor seperate. It is ready to drop in. Has oil primed and everything. Just needs exhaust manifolds.
call wayne @ burkes machine shop.

433-6558 he probably has one on the floor.
I have one. I pulled it out of a 98 Stingray. It was running when pulled. I will tell you that the brackets on the front of the motor are toast. Corroded to hell. It had new manifolds and risers installed last year. Has a new ignition module Pm me if interested.
I have a 1997 5.7l mercruiser that is set up for a bravo III. Clean motor, runs great, about 200 hours in fresh water when boat got totaled on I-65 $2500.00.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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