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Winter Shark fishing?

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The boys and I fish 3 mile bridge oftenly, catching a variety of species in the warmer months including sharks, redfish, grouper, Red Snapper etc....we haven't had a shark bite all fall or winter....are there still sharks in the pass this time of year or do I need to wait for a rise in water temperature. .we've caught so many bull reds, that we want a change up, but big game...and inshore/nearshore...Thanks for your knowledge. ..Good fishin all...


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they thin out in the winter, there are a few still around, but cooler temps push them out.
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Thanks Jim, I was looking at your website this morning, really cool!...your chum looks great (im sure the cost of the ingredients add up fast)...

look out for one of my "chum runs" :) YUMMY!:thumbsup:
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