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I always have had crystal clear water in the winter, lower levels for sure, but clear water, lots of specs and things in the bayou. This year I have a solid mat of green alge, maybe 6 in deep on the bottom, topped by strands everywhere that make the bayou look like a kelp forest in Calif. 1-2 ft strands of alge float up off the bottom and make the whole thing look like something totally dead and nasty.

Nothing living in the bayou since Nov, have put out bait, even fresh meat; in the past, crabs or pinfish would have been all over it, even with winter temps; meat put out a month ago is still there, just covered in the totally consuming alge.

Anyone else seen this going on, have any ideas? We have had a ton of rain and certainly lots of debris from yards, storm drains, golf courses, whatever, but I have never seen the bayous so clogged up I would not be comfortable running my boat in them, much less the kayaks.

I want to call DEP or EPA or someone but have no clue where to start, but someone needs to figure out what is going on this year.
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