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fishn4real (10/2/2007)I have seen this man's name come up more than anyone else's when it comes to speckled trout tournaments. Does anyone know if he is a member of the forum? Is he a guide? If he is a guide, I want to book him for a couple of days.


Dale doesnt guide I dont even think he has a boat.Wouldnt think he was a cheater who fishes before a tournament starts but you never know.

As far has him catching decent trout,its true,he's pretty good regardless if he trades them for coffee or not.

You can catch him alot on the bob sikes when the flounder are around he will be working ALL the pilings daily,he will be jigging and moving with a landing net over his shoulder.He deer hunts alot also so good lucking finding him now.....Nice guy IMO.
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