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I read the "Forum Respect" Thread, and found it somewhat interesting. There are quite a few members of this forum that I really appreciate. I appreciate them for different reasons but I do appreciate quite a few on here.

Here are some of the members that I speak of:

Off Route II - Introduced me to the forum.

IronMan172 -Bill is an Amazing person,walked out on the pier and knew who I was from reading something I wrote. Great Friend as well

ClayDoh - Some of the most entertaining reading I have ever had the pleasure of he was a character in.

Ultralight - Mike is one of the most hospitable people I have ever met. He and Dale host more company than most cities. Great Guy

on the rocks - Same as Ultralight above, but she is way cooler.

Splittine - Good People right There. Keeps my dog, and that's a big deal.

jimmyjams4110 - My Redfish Partner and always setting on ready

Freespool50 - Just plain says it like it is, and I have yet to see him miss it.

Downtime2 - Wade is a Great Guy. He got on to me one time.

Fisheye48 - I have yet to call him to go fishing or hunting, and he couldn't go.

James Fink - Dude. He keeps me from getting arogant by letting me know how much I suck.

theangrydolphin - The sharpest Gun Guy I have found here.

Seanspots - Howard and I have had many great conversations looking at empty water from the pier

JohnB - Good guy and likes to fish the same way I do. I think he hated me years ago.

Recess - DANG.

Konz - Ray seems to be Just plain Cool.

Jamielu - The Party starts when she gets there, wherever she is.

Tunapopper - Has made me late many times talking fishin.....

biggamefishr - Josh is one of the first members I met, and we will one day fish dock lights. Which was one of the subjects of our first conversations.

Deathfromabove - Dude can find andGig Flounder. I love to see his reports.

jimt - He makes me want to like the Gators. Go Noles

fishn4reel - Haven't known Mitch very long but already owe him for helping me

FishnLane - One of the Coolest Ladies in Pensacola. She defines -fishin Chic

Garbo Jr. - That's my oldest Son. He has more potential than I can explain, I find myself envious of him sometimes.

Brant Peacher - Great Guy. Just plain glad I had the good fortune to meet him

Bonita Dan - Only met once, but I seem to be able to read his post as he would say it.

oldflathead - What a great guy. Tom helped me clean up a mess of a fiberglass I called a boat. Couldn't have done it without him.

I am positive I haven't named everyone that I have grown to Appreciate that is a member, but that is a few, but there are many manymore.

Who are the members you Appreciate?

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You are just as guilty of being late from one of our fishing talks.

I have met quite a few members but at the same time have not met a huge majority of the regular PFFers so I'd have a hard time singling out folks as I have a blank mind at the moment. I know Curtis that this isn't really keeping the point of this thread up but.....

I will say that I have yet to have any really dissapointing meetings or talks with any menbers as of yet other than the usual problem causers which seem to have been weeded out now.

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Amazing. Even a pleasent topic can be bent.

Please Forgive me, the intention was to start dialog, conversation or a thread of "Good" comments about the members of this forum. There have been often and many threads lately bashing, running down and griping about members, and it just plain gets old. Some have friends here, and this forum is a communication tool to keep them connected, I named a few of mine above. The intention was that others might name a few of thiers and many would see that thier is a close group or "Family" it's been called here, but even a pleasent topic is detoured into something to complain or gripe about. I was raised to understand if you can't say something good ornice, don't say anything at all, and by no means do I live up to my father's expectation, but dang. I guess most would rather bitch, feel free to run me down, Lord knows there is plenty to talk about.

Frank, you tie a wonderful Ling Jig, I have seen many of your creations although I have never fished one, I have always thought you do good work. Frank, I bet you have a HUGE number of buddy's on here, who are they?

Bluffman, I know you do.................?

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Pretty good post Curtis...I find myself always looking at what you post because there is usually some wisdom to be gained from it. There are lot's of folks that I appreciate so the list would be a long one...many are not members so I will stick to the one's that are... and I'll appoligize now if I leave anybody out... :)

First has to be Ultralite...I appreciate him more than he knows...and he puts up with me.. <U>best friend</U> in the world...she's my sister from another mister...

Speckulator...Jamielu's other half...for taking good care of her and letting me have joint custody at least a couple times a you George....

FishinLane...she's just plain awesome plus she and Mitch throw a heck of a party...

Fishin4Real...Lane's other half...super guy...and does a mean gumbo..

FishinFreak...Jamielu's brother and I pick on him like he's mine...

Garbo...for all that you have done and shared...not just for me or Ultralite but have got to be one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and it is an honor to call you a friend...Tonya is a lucky lady...

Hired Hand...what can I say other that he is so much fun to hang out with... and will show up on a Sunday to help you fix a problem...not many folks would do that

Realtor...the man took three women fishing...all at the same time...he is a saint! I will never turn down an opportunity to fish with Fat Jax...

ClayDoh...he never stops making me laugh...

Nextstep and Crowning Around...for hosting what has got to be one of the best Blue Angel parties on the face of the Earth... you big are tied with ClayDoh for making me laugh...

Litecatch...for all you do to get the crew together each Wednesday...

Brnbsr...for keeping an eye on Mike...LOL... have taught me a lot...and made some of the most incredible things I have ever eaten... but I like to think I have taught you one or two things too... I will always volunteer to be your offical taster...anytime..

I am sure I have left someone out..and if I did...well that's what "edit" is for...:doh

I can not believe I left out Bonita Dan...the man is full of pearls of wisdom...full of a few other things as well...but we love ya anyway...

and while I am at it...I will throw in Reel Fiesty...he has shared a lot of numbers and I will never forget the time he stopped at a party we had...pulled his boat up to the dock and proceeded to give all the kids there the thrill ride of a lifetime...they still talk about it...

After having come back to this twice...I realize I am truly blessed to have so many great people from this forum that I can call friends...thanks Curtis for making me take time out and stop to appreciate many of the people that make my life quite memorable at times.

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Pretty good company you have me in ms. on the rocks and thank you and Mike for being so kind. I would not know where to start I have made so many friends here on the forum it would take many many pages to even get started. Scott Brown has been there for and with me in the good times and the bad. Thanks Scott !!!!!!!!

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<P style="BACKGROUND: white"><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #1f5080; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana">I appreciate all who post. I?ve learned something from almost every thread I?ve read. Thanks to all.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>

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MGuns (1/26/2010)<P style="BACKGROUND: white"><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #1f5080; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana">I appreciate all who post. I?ve learned something from almost every thread I?ve read. Thanks to all.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>

+1 I appreciate all you guys, even if you dont appreciate me! :D :moon

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Capt. Brad King (1/26/2010)I appreciate everyone I guess. All though Dawna and I are hurt we didn't make your list Garbo!!!!
Brad, Truth be known if I would have named everyone that is a member of this forum thatI appreciate, noone would have posted on this thread, as thefirstpost wouldhave beenvery very very long. I was honestly hoping that others would consider the large number of Great People that are members of this forum and the recent constant vickering would settle down a bit. I would still be willing to bet that most everyone that has been a member for a couple of years or more would have a considerable number of friends that they appreciate that are members here.


Another couple of members that I appreciate are:

Xanadu - Hal always makes me think outside my own thoughts, I look forward to seeing his post. His views seem to always make me challenge my own.

LiteCatch - How can you not open the Big Green Egg Reports to see the main course?

BoatJob1 - Tom always has a great point of view, Cool Humor, Great Guy and his signature is hard to look away from

Capt. Brad King - I look forward to seeing he and Dawna at every ECRC tournament. The two have been very important to me. Does Dawna have a Screeen name?

Dawna - Same as Brad, but Way Cooler......Trout Catching Monster too. Dawna what's your screen name?

Bluffman2 - Great Guy, and I look forward to sharing a boat with in the gulf this summer.

VoodooLounge - Tony thinks straight, his lightheartedness is cool, couldn't imagine him mad......

TunaMan - Could could talk anyone through fixing anything anywhere, even if they don't know what they are doing.......

SheYakFisher - HardCore fishing lady. Cool Reports and Great character

BananaTom - Comeon....Dude makes a HouseBoat Look Good.

JoeZ - Great Guy. I love the hidden, off the wall,humor in his writting. I look forward to every post.

Chris Couture - He puts up with all this and Me.

Capt. Blake Nelson - Blake and his Brother are the some of the nicest people you will ever meet.


Who's your Buddy's on here???????????????????????????


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I grew up here in P-Cola, joined the Army, and just now returned home after being away 21 years.

I started reading fishing post back when this was the bridge forum, or what ever it was, then it was the PFF, and now the " New PFF ". I have lived many a fishing trips vicariously through this site !!

When we moved back here, I started coming out to the Wednesday night meet ups, and was welcomed with open arms, and with open boats !! I have fished with several folks on here and have great trips each and every time. I Boarded their vessels as a complete stranger, and left with a passel of fish, good memories and stories of fishing and more importantly good friends !

I have yet to meet a member of the forum in real person whom I have not learned something from, and who I didn't like almost right away.

Where else can you post in an open forum, that you are having a party, put the address out there for all to see, and have good time with quality people, and no real worries about folks showing their butt ?

For all of that, I am appreciative of everybody on here....even the "black sheep of the family" have something to offer...well most of 'em anyway !! :)

With that said, I look forward to this weekends bash, and meeting more of you !!

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choppedliver (1/26/2010)
MGuns (1/26/2010) <P style="BACKGROUND: white"><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #1f5080; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana">I appreciate all who post. I?ve learned something from almost every thread I?ve read. Thanks to all.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
+1 I appreciate all you guys,
<P style="BACKGROUND: white">+2<P style="BACKGROUND: white">I appreciate all of you!!!! my list would be way too long...... there has only been1 that I didn't at all....and he is no longer a member...but talked about once in awhile.(BUG) <P style="BACKGROUND: white">I have made an ass out of myself from time to time...and try to learn from it:banghead....but appreciate the southern hospitality that is shown from the forum and members:clap:grouphug<P style="BACKGROUND: white">You all are GREAT!!! thanks for letting me bea part of your family:bowdown:clap

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My fingers and eyes would hurt if I posted everyone that I appreciated from this board. Met a lot of lifelong friends thru this site and continue to do so to this day. Thanks Chris and Curtis this is one of your best threads ever,even though I don't know how I made the list . Think I got a little tear in my eye now,nope just backsplash from the beer,jk. :)

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Ok made me think of even more people I forgot to add the first time..

Bamasam and Precious...for always thinking of us when they come to visit...

H2OMark and family...foralways thinking of us as well...these folks and Sam kept us supplied in Southern Flavor...

Bluffman...all your help with the kids and always calling me ma'am:poke

Boatjob1...for being a good friend and fellow Pirate of the nicest guys I know...and all his help on the dock...from rub rails to rod holders.... gal and a Pirate too...just over in Milton..

Reelcrazy...a big jello shotfan..thinking of hiring him to be an offical taster...

I am sure there are more I will think of....and I will keep adding to the list :)

Hama...can't forget him...he actually listens to my advice!!! and comes to get togethers with some kick ass tequila...

Stressless...saved Mike once or twice and his service to our country...there will be jello shooters for you when you get back big guy :usaflag:bowdown

Chris Couture...for making all of this possible...:bowdown

Corypheana....aka Karon...a good friend and expert marine biologist...pretty good fishing partner too...lots of good times...

Deeplines...for being...well....Murph

Corrinas2...for posting all those menus every day right before I get to go eat in a school cafeteria...LOL.. now with pictures:poke

Rocklobster...for some of the best food I have eaten in a while and a kick ass discount when I come see you...I will pass that brownie recipe on in my's that good

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1 GARBO....thanks for all the interesting threads and exchange in pm,s...soon we will meet and fish! are a great part of this PFF community :)

1 1/2 slipsinker aka Burt...thanks for allways having everything ready...and CLEANING the fish :doh

2 banana tom.......thanks for making the trailer thing happen

3.freedom boat club ...........thanks for providing the trailer

4 jjam,TEAM RECESS,lobsterman,hired hand,(all the flounder giggers) clay,Brandy, Jon, Ray,Brandon, and all the charter guys...thanks for your reports!

5 Scott,Josh,Wade and CHRIS thank you for putting up with us....

6 Mike and Dale...thank you for offering the dock to everyone that you have....God Loves You!

7. Woody and Jason ..thanks for making alot of kids hunts so memorable!

8 Scott...thanks for making all the wed night meet ups happen (even though i wasnt there) many pffrs appreaciate it

9 Bobby(xshark) thank you for all the help you provide with everything

10.Karon thanks for all the "fish ID,s" and SHEYAKFISHER for all the help at the family fishing events and getting involved in the Hargreaves tourney everyone i have left out, thank YOU for being a great part of this FORUM! Ms Dixie thanks for all the gumbo cookouts,even though i havent made it to one....Jamie says i can ride with them next time.

13. Chris aka BAC "badasschef" i need to make a poker night!

14 you know i could keep going and going and going.....this is what this forum is about!...and im damn proud to be a part of it!

15 countryjw for the pig

16 "welder" for the trips he has made with me for the "Hargreaves"

17 Kenny aka Sequohia AKA Emerald Coast Marine...thanks Kenny for getting me going again while i was there!!!! you DA MAN

18 Oldflathead thank you for all your support with proud you got me involved!

19 bonito dan,nextstep and MS crowning around...thanks for the good times at the oar house that night...

if i have left out anyone, im sorry, but the beer is getting to me!

and i orginally forgot Curtis.......DANG you do not realise everyone that should be mentioned...
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