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where to start

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my office/mancave is out of control. ill start with a mint iphone4 with box $250 and a mint iphone3gs with box $150 both on at&t, also have a hp desktop with a samsung flatscreen monitor ,heyboard, mouse and speakers running windows 7 $200 , next up is a set of 401 bose house speakersin great cond. , these are a floor model speaker that sounds awesome $200,,, i also have a set of pioneer house speakers ,3 way bass reflex with 12"subs, these are also in really good shape an im asking $100 for them.,,, 1 JBL xl center channel speakerthat ill sell for $35 by itself or $20 with either set of speakers listed above. i have alot of miscelanious computer stuff , ask if i have what you need and i will look. i have ram and hdds , an a few older tower. like i said if you need something ask as its too much to list . also a pair of never worn size 12 nike golf cleatsfor $25. im sure ill pull some more stuff out and list it as i get the room to where i can find it . if you are interested and want pictures pm me your email address or cell number and ill give you a better detail and pictures. fiancee said some stuff has gotta go so well see what else she busts me withan ill list it. all items are in good workind and cosmetic condition. thanks ,,,JOE
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pioneer speakers and jbl center gone , everything else is still available
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