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What state are you from?

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Just wondering where everyone is from.I'm from Searcy, Arkansas. Sea-r-cy
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Native Floridian....46 years
Bay St. Louis and Hattiesburg, Mississippi and proud of it!!!
Florala,Alabama ,but have lived all over the u.s. and overseas.Service brat and military service myself.
LOUISIANA! Damn right, I'm a *******. And proud of it. That's why I left and came to Florida! :poke
I was born in Albany, GA. I consider Pensacola to be home although I currently live in Texas.
Born and raised in Sylacauga Alabama till I joined the Navy at 18. Settled in Pensacola 21 years later.
I am originally from the bayous of south La. ******* OH YEAH!!!!!!!! Moved here to pensacola in oct 1992. Best move I have ever made!!!!


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Born in Gitmo, Navy Brat moved here in 74 been in fla every since,lived in Clearwater & Orlando for a Few Years But Had to come back To the Panhandle Theres No place Better Than PENSACOLA!!! Just One mans opinon!!
Born and raised right here in Pensacola, FL. Although I live in Santa Rosa County now. I've travelled many places only to be glad to be back home.
Born in Texas but raised in The Florida Panhandle :letsdrink:letsdrink
Shreveport, LA. but stuck in St. Louis until retirement.
Columbus, Ohio

Merry Christmas to ALL!!!:angel:grouphug
Detrooit baby. I think we were our own state for a while!
spartanburg, South Carolina:sleeping
1 - 20 of 98 Posts
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