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The OLE Boat Sleigh.

I have a hot dipped Galvanized trailer I bought from Eddie English Trailers in Milton. This trailer has been great. I have the 2 bunk system, rear & forward. one roller for the bow stop. I do not drive my boat on the trailer, I just line it up some on start cranking it in. the 2 bunk system will center the boat everytime. The secret is to find the proper depth to splash the trailer. 1-2 inches can make a difference, Theres a sweet spot, sort of speak.

Renagade has a great point about the storage area on the trailer. Now that would be handy andI sure woulduse it.

I don't know if it is possible or has been mentioned. With the trailer lights, maybe a quick connect for the lights,I mean the whole light assembly would plug into a socket and be secure some how.The light could be easily plugged in and unplugged.
61 - 61 of 61 Posts
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