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Kudo's to you for seeking input. As with all things, price is usually a consideration, so the more you can do and include, at a good price/quality point will go a long way toward helping sales and keeping up your reputation.

I feel I have to tell you that my last trailer was an Owen's and Sons. By far the best trailer I've ever owned, or seen bar none. It was an aluminum frame, with torsion axles, and Kodiak discs. It was so great and towed so well that I was interested in buying another when I bought the current boat I own. I priced them and found I could buy an equivalently (sp) made, but smaller trailer for my current boat for about $600 more than I paid for the DHM trailer I ended up buying. The DHM I bought is a decent trailer; it's aluminum, torsion axles with Kodiak discs, and so I thought comparable to the Owen's and Sons, for $600 less, but mainly I didn't have to travel to Tampa to get it. If I had it to do over I wouldn't hesitate to drive to Tampa and pay the additional $600. As I mentioned, the DHM is "decent", but they did cut some corners. For example, the fender supports are flimsy, rather than have a crossmember running the complete width and mounting the fender supports to it, they simply clamped on two short pieces of aluminum tubing to the fram and mounted the fenders to that. Not really a structural problem, but a cheap shortcut. Also, I don't believe they did much of anything to align the axles. All four tires wear excessively on just the inside edges. One trip to the Keys and back (barely) and they're shot. My O & S trailer was towed all over Florida before I got it and after and the tires were like new when I sold it. It was perfectly aligned.
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