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What is the latest Red Tide Reports for Pensacola?

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I'm thinking about going out Sunday 10/21. I would llike to know how bad the Red Tide is inPensacola. Depending on the weather reports,it willdetermine whetherI head off-shore or fish in theICW's. Please post where it is the worst and if it is offshore &how far out must you run till your out of it.
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<SPAN id=_ctl1_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater__ctl1_lblFullMessage>Last Night we fished Pensacola Pass, Sand Island, Ft Pickins and East about 1 mile, and Big Lagoon across from the two high-rises without a live fish in sight. Huge fish kills at each of those areas. Yuck!
Any one go offshore today Sat Oct 20th? Whats the Red Tide Report?
It would be nice to get some feed back from the experts. PNJ's article is just print with no subject matter expert giving information. Dead fish and tourist, with no creditability. I heard last night some water samples were taken and it would take a week for results, you would think with the economy being about tourism and fishing we could get a better response than that, then again, the tornado took front seat on everything. PNJ, what a useless waste of trees.
Went out Sat. am the pass had lots of dead fish. but did not get the burning nose around there. Made it out about 20 miles offshore. Saw lots of dead fish everwhere but did not see any red tide. Good luck I'll post a report soon.
Was out at Johnson's Beach this morning just to see what was going on and saw a lot of dead catfish, Triggers, and some others all along the beach.The wife and myself started coughing like crazy so guess it is still there. The eyes did not water but we only stayed for a few minutes . The seashells were out in full force we picked up a few but the coughing was terrible so we left. Hope it goes away soon.
Its also made its way out here in Orange Beach near the pass. Lots of dead fish on the beach and everybody is coughing here around the Hotel pool deck. :banghead
We went out Sat morning. Got about 15-20 miles out before it got too rough. He headed back. By the time it got light enough to see, there were dead fish everywhere. I'd say out to 10 miles. It got worse as we got closer.
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