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Does the 2 or 3 mean the size of the hook? I'm assuming for surf you're looking to thrown out a big weight, and have it on the bottom with the shrimp/fleas floating a little above?

Sorry, I'm a bit new with the surf!

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Hey man if you don't know you don't know.

This is a 3 hook pompano rig. You can buy them just like this at walmart. That is what I prefer. The pyramid weight
goes on the bottom, there is a clip there made just for it, and at the top is a swivel for attaching your main line. For fishing around here anywhere from 2-5 oz is normal. The smallest weight used on flat days and the bigger 5oz for days when the surf is up.

If you do a google search on Pompano fishing you'll see all kinds of rigs and info. There's also alot on this forum if you browse around in the surf fishing reports and Q&A sections.
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