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What do you know about the migratory patterns of fish?

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Before the weather starts getting really nice, i wanted to pick the brains of some of our more educated fishermen. i am looking for information on all species... from pin fish to tuna.. so just speak what you know. I think we could all learn from this.

Thank you,

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She's the resident Marine Biologist and can point you in the right direction. She invited me to a lecture at UWF where the visiting professor talked about the migration of Bluefin Tuna. INCREDIBLE!!!

They spawn off Louisiana and migrate up the east coast then swim accross the Atlantic into the Mediterranean where they are herded in schools into huge nets, the nets are hauled close to shore, the fish are fed and slaughtered when the market is right. (Fedexed from Spain to Tokyo overnight).

He also talked about tagging Marlin with satellite transmitters and tracking them.


She'd have allthe info you could EVER want. Probably still gets the visiting profs scheduled lectures at UWF too. She now works for the State of Alabama.


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