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What do you know about the migratory patterns of fish?

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Before the weather starts getting really nice, i wanted to pick the brains of some of our more educated fishermen. i am looking for information on all species... from pin fish to tuna.. so just speak what you know. I think we could all learn from this.

Thank you,

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thank you i sent her a pm.

i may be using the wrong word.

every year fish have a cycle.

if you understand the cycle of a fish... share.
yea... i know some one who knows about this could fill a book, but it is hard to find information. I have looked.

so the more detail the better and i think this would be something that all of our members would enjoy.
i know, but i was looking for a vast amount of information...

1. what triggers the flounder run off shore to spawn?

2. what brings the kings back? chasing the bait or water temp

3. Where do the catfish go in the winter?

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1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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