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What color?

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I'm going to redo my Sig P230 and I can't figure out what color to do. I was thinking a FDE, but can't seem to picture it looking right. It's just a carry gun, but I thought I would have a little fun with it. I might just go back with black, but didn't know if anyone had any ideas or had seen one done a little differently.
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well done man, looks good. is that aluma-hyde pretty tough? can you give any details as far as the application? it looks like all the markings are still very clear?
It's an EDC, so I'll see how it wears in an ankle holster everyday. Application was easy. Tear down the gun and degrease. Then degrease again. Then I wiped it down with acetone. Put it in the oven and let the parts heat up and sprayed them with four light coats. Put it back in the oven at 190 for five hours.
cool. can you buy it anywhere? you're not in pcola, right?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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