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by Bass Tracker 66 » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:24 am

Sparky was at the launch when i got there at +/- 4:45.
We got everything in the boat--launched and was sitting under the first light at +/- 5:00
. Sparkies first cast he caught a Speck and the fun was on
. All total we caught +/- 8 Specks--two Big Reds to 26 In and a coupable of small whites.
Not catching non stop but a fun morning non the less.
Sparky was true to his reputation--he Neted the Big Reds without the help of a Net.
(someone left it in the other boat)
.Once he got them in a Bear Hug they were in the Boat--done me good to see a Master preform.
I think you will like the pictures--some turned out good.

Free pictures at my New Picture Site--Enjoy-----
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