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now, i've been diving all of about 5 times, EVER... but i surf alot, and maybe i can take the cold, but do y'all really where 7mm wetsuits????.... i know it's a hell of alot colder on the surface when the water is 57 degrees and there'sa 20mph north wind howling with 30 degree wind chills than it is 20,000 leagues under the sea...

the secret to the wetsuit is to have a suit that fits tight to your body without restricting movement, because the way the wetsuit works is that it's a thin layer of water between your body and the suit, so the tighter the suit, the less water, and the faster it is warmed.... personally i would spend more money on a thin suit (3/2 mm >>> 3mm on the torso and legs, 2mm in the arms) because you will have more manuverability. if you're ever down town on 9th avenue, stop in where i work at waterboyz surf shop, we have all kinds of suits in all kinds of price ranges, from 80 bucks to 380... i personally where an EXCEL Infinity wetsuit, you wouldn't believe how flexible these things are, and they don't have a zipper on the back. check them out at
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