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You should be comfortable this time a year with something like a 5mm, or even a 7mm if you're really fair-weathered. Throwing a shorty onunder a full is always an option, one thatI usually opt for over a super thick suit.

Dove Vortex at 64 degrees with a 3mm full suit witha 3.2 shorty on under it and was not too cold. I never really dive with hoods, just because i hate the restrictoin of them.

Gloves are always a necessity when diving, but i usually wear a 3mm glove and do okay, my hands do get cold sometimes.

I work down at Bay Breeze Dive Center where we just got a bunch of 5mm and 7mm suits with more styles and brands on the way. We also cary 5mm hoods as well.

Just give me call, I'm sittin here now (850)-934-8363

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