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I dive a 5/7 farmer johnduring this time.That gives me a full 7 mill in the important areas of my torso etc... and 5 mil elsewhere. I stay pretty warm with that set up. But it's just going to depend on your cold tolerance as well. I also use a 3 mill hood and gloves as well.

When your spearing, your going to use more air than just diving. Add being cold to the mix and your going to use even more air. So you want to make sure that your as warm as can be to use less air. So with that equation we have. Warm body= More Air = More bottom time = More fish shot. You get the point.

Make sure that you just get something that feels comfortable to you and fits. Something that is too big and does not hug your skin is not doing you any good. Any free flow of waterbetween your skin and the suit will not hold warmth. But make sure it's not too tight to where it cuts of circulation etc... Try them on before you buy. Most of the time you get whatyou pay for when it comes to wet suits and how they hold up in the long run and how much abuse it can take.
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