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Just bought my yak. Wanted to know though. Do most of you guys wear a wet suit during the winter months while fishing in your kayak? Ive had couple people tell me I should invest in one if Im gonna be fishing from a SOT.

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Not a wetsuit, but I wear a 3/4 body Redhead wader. Its skintight, so no water can get in if I fall out. I've gone swimming in them in the spring while surf fishing(chasing schools of little tunny) and it holds up to the water, plus keeps you warm.
Still need to wear a pair of insulated socks or two with them though, cause the feet freeze.

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A wetsuit will keep you warm while you're in the water but not when you're wet and out of the water. Especially if the wind's blowing, it won't do you much good. I usually wear rain overalls with the cuffs tucked into knee high neoprene boots. It's not as water tight as PAWGhunter's setup but does pretty well for me. Though I might have to upgrade to that if I start going out in the Gulf during the winter again.

Good luck!

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When do you need to wear your cold-water gear? Always wear protective clothing when:

  • Both the water temperature and the air temperature are below 60°F
  • When you will be more than 1/4 mile from shore and the water temperature is below 60°F
  • You expect be repeatedly exposed to cool (65-70°F or less) water in cool or mild weather
However, the colder the water, the more dangerous immersion becomes, so be aware of this increased risk and dress accordingly. The following chart shows our minimum recommendations for paddling clothing. Choose more-protective clothing than what's indicated when the conditions are more challenging, you may tend to get cold easily, or you expect to be immersed.


60°F and up
below 45°F




clothing for the weather
wetsuit or drysuit
drysuit recommended
drysuit strongly recommended

A wetsuit is a neoprene garment that traps a thin layer of water between itself and your skin and reduces the circulation of this water. Because this water layer must necessarily be thin, a wetsuit must fit snugly to properly protect you during immersion, and the paddler should not wear any clothes underneath the suit.

  • inexpensive
  • resistant to rough treatment
  • keeps you warm in cold air

  • hot in warm weather
  • doesn't keep you dry
  • doesn't breathe (retains sweat)
  • limited range of protection (best in water 50°F and above)
  • not comfortable for extended time

If you would like to read the complete article I wrote on this subject please follow the following link...also watch the video for Cold Weather Kayaking.pdf
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