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My son and I headed to the hunting camp Friday evening so I could complete my required work days. We left P-cola around 7:00pm and headed up to Dallas County in Alabama. Once we got off at Evergreen and headed west, I asked my son how many deer did he think we would see. He said one. Well, 10 minutes later he was out and I ended up seeing 7 alongside the road on Friday night.

We got in bed around 12:00pm and woke up at 7:15 to get ready to do some work. We ended up having a very easy day which consisted of clearing one lane at one plot and driving around putting stand numbers on boxes. We saw 6 turkerys that must have known the season was not in because they just casually walked out of view.

After lunch, we hoped on my buddies 4 wheeler and drove around and we say 2 deer while riding around. Headed back to the camp around 2:00pm because he had to take a dump and then left to go check on another work crew who is building a house down at what we call 63. This shooting house has a full size house door it it, a back porch and is 9 feet by 6 feet! Kind of overkill but it's on a plot on a creek and every oak tree is loaded so it should be a good one!

I got a head count for who was staying Sat night and headed to Camden to get stuff for dinner. On the way back we say two more deer.

After the work day was over, I worked on an area that I suspect is going to be awesome! I put a salt lick out about 3 weeks ago and it looks like you took a bulldozer and cleared the leaves around it. Oaks are all around and it's a natural pathway.

Forgot my cam though and I wanted to put it out but maybe I can get my buddy to hang it up next weekend.
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