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David Hardy - Bellville, Al

2 Deer in Ohio - 8 pt and a doe while bowhunting (missed a monster up there with my bow)

2 Deer in Virginia - small buck and a doe (knocked down one larger than the 150" I brought back last season) with a muzzle loader. Brought back 10 whole deer that was killed while I was there. We killed close to 30 the Saturday after Thanksgiving making man drives between two hunting parties.

6 - Deer in Alabama. 1- 9pt, 1- 8pt, 4 Does all with a rifle.

1 - Yote in Alabama with my rifle.

This was the slowest season that I can ever remember in Alabama. I have hunted here since middle school (about 85) and we just did not see the deer that we normally see. I only had one good day hunting and that was early this week and we saw a ton of deer one morning while walking a section of large pines. I think the huge acorn crop, the extra heavy amount of rain, and the super cold snap we had all played a part in the lull this season. Oh well, can't complain much I guess. Only 9 months to get ready to do it all over again. Take it easy fellas.
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