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I had a scary moment once while fishing..I had just caught a 2 pound bass and noticed a black man reading a newspaper but he kept peeking up at me..I had the willys. I only had on shorts cause I usedto be a long distance runner..I got in my truck in drove across the highway to an isolated pond in the middle of the woods.I made a long cast with a spinner bait and guess who is coming down the narrow brushy trail heading toward me..that stocky, glazed eyed black man..I was scaredto death...I whispered "Please God help me." I quickly reeled in my spinning rod ..I charged the man screaming my Karate yells I learned in the service and began whipping my spinner bait in his face asking no questions..The man went backwards into the brush and I got out of Dodge..From then on...I began carrying an equalizer in my tackle box.

Later on under cover stings arrested over 150 different pervs..The 3 nude and close by porn shops were all closed..This was back in the 1980s.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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