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TeamDilligaf (12/26/2007)My granpa and brother have both seen this almost human like half hunched over hairy animal with long arms walk across one of our plots right at dark and when they went over to see what kind of tracks there were (never saw any) the smell that still lingered was awfull. Indian legends and some modern day folklore have stories about the "Skunk Ape" florida's version of bigfoot. my granpa used to hunt bears in fla so he knows what a bear looks like and he swears it was defintely not a bear. any people got any skunk ape stories?
Sorry, but I'm notbuying the bigfoot stories for a minute. You mentioned 'legend' and 'folklore'...both synonymous withmade-up stories, myths,and frankly, B.S.

As long as man has settled this continent, and as many people as there are today (many of them hunting)...I would think at least one person would have some HARD evidence of this bigfoot. After all these years (100's), nobody has shot one of these things that keep walking through our green fields???...buthumans get shot all the time walking in the woods.Would somebody pleasefind a body of bigfoot (surely they don't live forever), some skull and bones, a REAL picture or video (NOT of a man dressed in an ape suit), then I'll believe the 'folklore'.
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