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Wednesday AJs?

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Going to head out to the Oriskany and Tenneco and elsewhere on Wednesday in search of AJs and whatever else. Leave Sherman Cove at 0600 and be back before dark. Max Cost $50.00 each. 36ft center console. PM me if interested.
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PM sent
Wish I could go, but duty calls. Have a good trip.
Wish I could go as well, but I'm stuck up north in the cold weather. Good luck!
How did you guys do?

AJs had lockjaw. We could chum them, but they wouldn't take a bait or jig in half a dozen spots. Huge ARS on RRLs.
That stinks! That's how it was for me in Dec.. I had 30 lb AJs swimming under the boat, but they wouldn't touch a bait.
Always on a Wednesday. Damn....I got to work. Good luck Mike.
Mako My Dayo
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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