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we went sheep shooting today

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the MRD's broke the ice today and made our first trip of the season in an attempt to shoot some galvenized snapper. we had perfect weather and perfect seas. here are a few pics from the day. viz sucked on the first dive and was super on the next. we lost a spear tip, my mask, and other odds and ends but otherwise we had a great day.

me and razz geting ready for the ride

tricky dick and i getting ready to roll

the end result

thats one dive, we made a total of three. you do the math, good night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dayum what a mess of fish. Good stabbing guys. I couldn't get that many catfish up the river around the cut off with my telephone.
Very nice shooting... Fish sandwiches for lunch??
honestly i never looked at the temp on my console. i was wearing a a three mill wetsuit with a hooded vest underneath and never even thought about being cool much less cold. the cold part was riding from rig to rig.
Great job guys. What a Mess of Sheepies. I am about to get dive certified. I cant wait.
that is awesome. glad to see someone getting some good this early.
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