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Waves for this weekend?

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Just started to look at the wave fore cast for the next few days. Anyone going to the Blue?

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Going to try Saturday if it does lay down. Going to drag for some whooos if it works out.:toast
Hammer Time may be there if if does lay down and I can put together a crew!!

We will be out there. Not going to watch the weather news(to a point). Atlanta boys coming in for good fishing, fun, eating, and a little golf.

Will be posting pictures soon!!!

We did get a big sword last friday and the crew forgot to take a camera. Oh Well

Everyone have a good one!

3-5 Looks like a Crown Royal weekend again.......
Probably tomorrow night after 5.... (Get a early start)
Downtime2 (10/4/2007)3-5 Looks like a Crown Royal weekend again.......
Is that a warning to all lesbians? :bowdown
I will not be going to any drive thru's. Could wind up being embarrassed..........................NAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna get a picture this week end to show you what the girl can do. Shes game to go. Don't rub too hard when I post with the pictures. Please get rid of the bat!!! (OVERBOARD)

Hope it is good to go out and see all of ya this week end.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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