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Water? in foot

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I changed the foot oil and as I usually do, put it in a container and let it sit for a week to check for any metal, etc in the oil. I've never had water in my oil but this time I have about a half an inch of an off white stuff that settled on the bottom of the container. Is this what water looks like in foot oil?
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If it was white or milky then it's water, when you drain your lower unit, if you watch. the water will come out first. time to do a pressure test and find the leak.

I am having the same thing happen.

First after a day on the water, I could drain out a cup of clear water before good oil came out.

I would top it off (not more than what good oil came out the drain) with someGL-5 spec gear oil per the Seloc manual for Johnsons.

But after topping it off five or six times, the water would no longer settle out. It remained milk shake so I replaced all the oil with new stuff until I get around to replacing seals.

Is there a difference between GL-5 spec oil andGL-5 spec oil with "marine use" on the label other than price?

Or maybe there was synthetic oil in the foot when the water would still seperate?
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