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Beautiful day on the water today. Left sherman cove around 8 am. Stopped and checkd the spot we caught gag and red grouper on a couple of weeks ago and no one was home except a 40 pound AJ.

Left there and headed to check out a few more spots in 200 plus foot of water. got to be around 1:00 and all we had onboard was the AJ so we headed to deeper water to try a spot that has been good to us in the past. Ended up tatching another legal AJ and a nice scamp, and -when my 76 year old father-in-law hooked up with a fish that we knew was going to make our day. After a good lengthy fight up popped a toad grouper that I recognized as a warsaw immediately.

Here is a picture of my father in law with his warsaw. It is the first one caught on my boat and I have been fishing regularly offshore since the early 90's.

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