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Story: 2 old/shot/disintregated lower motor mounts as well as clamps (parts #5 and #9 at Mercuryparts link above). Upon trying to remove the clamps that hold them (part #9), 2 of 4 bolts (part #10) came out no problem, but the other 2 had corrosion, were seized, and snapped off at the bolt head. Drilled one out, started tapping new threads and then the Chinese made piece of crap tap I used snapped off in THAT hole. So before I make matters worse, I would like to pay someone with the correct tools and experience (I lack both) to remedy my situation. I have the OEM replacement parts (mounts,clamps, and bolts) needed. I can tow the boat/motor to you - or better yet, you could come to my house in Pace off Luther Fowler Rd to do the work. It is a straightforward job but beyond my ability and patience level to tackle/screw up any further. Please PM me or call me at five too five - 11 seven two (9am-9pm only) if you are interested in a small job like this. Thanks!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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