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VHF Radio

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I need a little help guys. Went out yesterday fishing and noticed my VHF is not working. When I turn on the switch the radio makes a low volume squeak and fades out. The display isn't showing anything. Checked the fuses and they are fine. It looks like I am getting power to the unit since it is making noise. Is my radio shot or am I overlooking something?
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Check connections for corrosion (all three), and you might want to hook it up to another battery thus bypassing any existing wire/fuse holderthat might be the problem.
Thanks, I'll give that a try
Corrosion X in red can with black top.:toast The green can with the black top is for metal not radios. Academy has both.
Is the squelch knob turned wrong?
No checked the squelch knob also. I get nothing on the display at all. Just a quick squeak/buzz when I power it on. This noise fades in a second or two and I have nothing, all the while nothing on the display.

I haven't had a chance to pull her out and hook it up to the batteries direct yet. So I may still have a power issue, just didn't think so since I was getting some noise.
You might want to check the antenna connection....

Could be the problem...
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