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vhf and dsc hook up

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tried to hook up the dsc function on my new vhf. i have the wires hooked up as the gps book reads and still no coordinates displayed on radio. i was wondering does it constantly display coordinates or just when the dsc button is pushed?
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Have ya tried going thru the NMEA cables,that should take care of the interface problem. I have a Raymarine gps/sounder that talks to the spare Garmin gps,Standard DSC vhfand the JRC radar thru the NMEA network of cables. The rest of the stuff talk thru the Sea-talk network off the same unit. Just a thought to maybe check further into your manual for differant hook-ups. Oh yea,check the setting on the radio to see if the coordinates are turned on.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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