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I can understand your feelings on this subject....BUT the state allows degragation (mis-spelled) permits, 5 at a time if the deer are harvested (put to use) but you can shoot as many as you want as long as you don't lay hands on them...Unless I had several 100's of acres (closer to a 1000) I wouldn't try a management program, or should I say a "strict" management program. On my land i try to tell the kids no bucks unless it's a forked horn but all i ever have seen is spikes...i had a few forks on camera but neighbors probably shoot them....Like it or not deer are a very big nuisance and do a lot of $ damage to crops and vehicles every year, but until this State gets off their rears and enstills some sort of a management program we'll continue to have a weak deer herd...:banghead

As fer eating the crops, they do eat peanuts...correction they devour peanuts and they don't eat cotton bulbs but the newer green leaves when the plants are young and tender... Sorry fer him messing ya up brother!!!
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